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Carefully restored as a farmhouse kitchen with bar & rooms

Access Statement

The Pear Tree Inn is located in the small village of Whitley near Melksham in a 17th century former farmhouse.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance, please phone 01225704966 or email hello@peartreewhitley.co.uk.


  • For full details and maps of how to reach us please see the directions section of our website. Alternatively, you can plan your journey by car or public transport using a journey planning website; simply enter your postcode and ours, which is SN12 8QX to get directions.
  • The closest railway station is Melksham, which is 1.9 miles away (6-minute taxi journey). Taxis are available at the station. If travelling from Bath the bus route is Discovery 3 (D3).

Car Parking and Arrival

  • There is free parking on site for customers only. The car park is situated to the front and has the capacity to hold 50 cars. Two clearly marked blue badge parking spaces are available and is situated nearest to the resident’s entrance.
  • The car park surface is gravel.
  • The car park is well lit at night.
  • There is a drop off point at the right hand side of the carpark for the resident’s entrance.
  • The main entrance door is 90cm with a doorknob to be turned to the right, and light to push. The residents entrance door is 82cm.

Bar and Dining Areas

  • The bar and dining areas are situated on the ground floor. Entry to the restaurant and toilet facilities are by two steps, however level-access via the resident’s entrance to the dining areas and toilet facilities is available.
  • The restaurant and toilet facilities have level access throughout.
  • The bar has a slight slope and 2cm step separating half of the bar area.
  • Both the bar and the restaurant have a mixture of upright chairs with and without arms and tables are well spaced apart, with a clear height from the floor of 67cm. There is also a low sofa and bar stools in the bar area.
  • Lighting is natural daylight supplemented with overhead and wall lighting. Candles are lit on tables at lunch and supper times.

Customer Toilets

  • Customer toilets can be found on the ground floor to the front of the restaurant. There is level access from the restaurant and two steps from the bar to the accessible toilet, described below:
  • Entrance door is 99cm wide and level entry in to the toilet, this door opens towards you.
  • 29cm transfer space to the left of the toilet, when facing the toilet.
  • Toilet height is 42.5cm.
  • Vertical rails to the right hand side of both basin and toilet, whilst facing the toilet.
  • Horizontal rail on the side wall adjacent to the toilet, and a pull down rail to the right hand side of the toilet.
  • Well-lit overhead lighting and wall lighting.
  • Non-slip paved flooring.
  • Lever taps on the sink.
  • Good colour contrast between critical surfaces; walls are grey, toilets and washbasins are white.
  • All other customer WCs have the same lighting, flooring, however these have traditional taps.

Beer Garden/Outdoor Area/Smoking area

  • The gardens are open all year round, with outdoor dining in summer months. A designated smoking area is available to the left hand side of the building at the front.
  • Outdoor seating is available to the front of the building. Seating at the rear and side patios will be available during the summer months. Access to the front patio is available from the bar with levelled access, from the restaurant with two steps in to the bar or levelled access through the resident’s entrance. Access to the rear and side patios is a 5cm step from the restaurant, levelled access from resident’s entrance and access from the bar consists of two steps in to the restaurant.
  • The exit door from the restaurant is 75cm wide, and opens inwards.

Accommodation – Bedrooms

  • There is one accessible bedroom (Seckel) with a king-size bed measuring at 66cm high, on the ground floor, with step free level entry from the carpark and residents entrance through the restaurant. The access door is 81cm wide. On the first floor there are a further 4 bedrooms (Anjou, Bartlett, Comice, Forelle) that are reached by stairs only, and three further outside bedrooms (Starkrimson, Tosca, Taylors Gold) accessed each by one step.

Accommodation – Bathrooms, Shower-rooms & Toilets (Ensuite or Shared)

  • All rooms have an ensuite bathroom. The ground floor accessible bedroom ensuite bathroom offers the following:
  • Door opening to the bathroom is 87cm wide.
  • A level entry, step free shower.
  • The toilet height is 41cm.
  • The wash basin height is 73cm.
  • Lever taps on the wash basin.
  • Well-lit overhead lights.
  • A non-slip wooden shower board is available.
  • In the other seven bedrooms, apart from room 01, Anjou, all showers are not separate and are over the bath.

Accommodation – Public Areas

  • The lobby, stairs and landing are well lit using a combination of ceiling and wall lights.

Additional Information

  • We welcome well behaved dogs in both the bar area and Garden Room as well as our four outside bedrooms. Dogs should be kept on a leash at all times and all mess picked up and disposed of correctly.
  • We have a set of evacuation procedures – should you require assistance someone will help you with evacuation either out of the building or to a refuge.
  • The nearest General Hospital with a minor injury unit is 7.8 miles away in Trowbridge. The nearest accident & emergency department is located at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, 11.4 miles away. The nearest doctor’s surgery, is located in Melksham 3.9 miles away, Gifford’s Surgery can be contacted on 01225 896630.
  • Free Wi-Fi access is available in all bedrooms and throughout the pub.

Contact Information

Address:  Pear Tree Inn Top Lane, Whitley, Melksham SN12 8BS

Telephone:  01225 704966

Email:  hello@peartreewhitley.co.uk

Website:  www.peartreewhitley.co.uk

Grid Reference:  ST881664

Hours of Operation:  07:30 – 23:00

Local Accessible Taxi:  Nigel’s Taxi Service 07976165910, Paul’s Taxis 07986517319

Local Public Transport:  The bus stop is located directly outside of our carpark with direct transport to Chippenham and Bath Spa (D3). Melksham train station is a 6-minute taxi drive (1.9 miles).

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.



Grid Reference: ST881664

Top Lane
SN12 8QX

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Sunday 12:00-16:00


Monday-Thursday 18:00-21:00
Friday & Saturday 17:30-21:30
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